Which SteadXP should i choose ?

SteadXP@ is made to be used with GoPro’s Hero® camera only


SteadXP+ is made to be used with DSLR/Mirrorless and pro cameras disposing MIC External input (jack/mini jack/XLR audio input). HDMI and AV outputs are not required to plug in your SteadXP. SteadXP+ is not compatible with GoPro’s Hero® cameras.steadxpplusshop

What type of SD card should i use with my SteadXP@

SteadXP@ records its datas on its own microSD card (not provided). We recommand to use a Transcend microSD 2GB 9191AA 2G 07SM1.

Slot microsd card SteadXP@

Slot microsd card SteadXP@

Is SteadXP software compatible with my computer ?

The SteadXP software is included for every SteadXP@ and SteadXP+ purchase. Downloadable as a x64 (64bits version) and is compatible with Mac and PC.